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Durable high performance material offers thermal stability and moisture resistance. High gloss topcoating is designed for use with variety of screen and flexo inks. High performance adhesive formulated for demanding applications. Adheres to a variety of surfaces.

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Thermal labels are primarily used for short duration applications, such as shipping labels. Thermal Transfer - Uses heat to transfer ink from ribbon onto the label for a permanent print. Some thermal transfer printers are also capable of direct thermal printing. These types of labels are mainly used for shipping and barcode labels

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White label records are vinyl records with plain white labels attached. There are several variations each with a different purpose. Variations include test pressings, white label promos, and plain white labels.

Test pressings, usually with test pressing written on the label, with catalogue number, artist and recording time or date, are the first vinyl discs made at the factory. They are produced in small quantities (usually under five copies) to evaluate the quality of the disc before mass production begins.

In the U.S., the traditional term white label promo (often abbreviated as WLP) refers to a promotional pressing with a label that has mostly the same text and label logo/artwork as the commercial label, but with a white background instead of the color or artwork found on the commercial pressings.

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If your organization uses barcodes to identify items, you will want to make sure that you have a reliable source to replenish your supply of barcode labels, such as Tri-State Business Systems. Barcodes are an essential tool for many companies, who use them to identify items for sale, keep track of inventory and coordinate the use of vital equipment and supplies. You don’t want to run the risk of inadvertently using inferior barcode labels when your company is depending on them to maintain operations.


Whether you are a manufacturer, a distributor, a retail operation, a school or any other organization that needs bar coding supplies, it’s prudent to get them from the recognized leading solution provider for all barcode systems. We don’t simply take your orders. We act as your partner to help you get the supplies you need for success.

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  • Wax / Resin ribbons are a combination of wax and resin based colorant substances in which resin substances hold a greater percentage. Wax / Resin ribbons are made of two or more layers. Resin substances have a highier melting point thus increasing the melting point of the ribbon. Printing with Wax / Resin ribbons takes place at a highier heat or energy setting then wax ribbons. As resins are harder then waxes image durability ,chemical resistance and abrasion smudge scratch resistance is more than that of wax based ribbons. They also assure excellent edge definition.
  • Wax / Resin ribbons can be used with glossy or smooth surfaces, synthetic materials. Printing speeds of 16 inches per second can be achieved with Wax / Resin ribbons. Wax / Resin ribbons can be used for all purposes where wax ribbons are used but where there is a chance of abrasion or scratch due to contact. Wax / Resin ribbons are slightly expensive then wax ribbons.
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Carton labels are used for conveying the product information and/or the end users shipping and order information. Carton labels are often considered a packing list, carton/shipping label, return label, collates, or form label. We can provide blank roll stock, sheet stock or pre- print carton labels with your custom text and graphics.

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PM Label can produce custom inventory labels to your exact specifications, from variable to static barcodes, multiple colors, sizes and adhesive options.We can help you plan the ideal inventory labels solution for your purposes.

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The safety of your workplace is always a top priority and having the proper container labels throughout your warehouse or storage area is important.We offer custom container labels made of the finest materials and adhesives to keep your employees safe and your business up to code. Other capabilities include barcoding and consecutive numbering.

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Custom-shaped stickers. Our cutters cut through the sticker material and the backing material to give your custom sticker a shape that is as unique as the artwork on it!